Monday Blues

People who work a J-O-B job seem to dislike Mondays.  Poor Monday.  Curlers, on the other hand, place no particular value on any day of the week, since any day is just as likely to be a part of a “weekend” as any other.  But anyway, here’s a song from my favorite Blues album of the year (and a few other non-Blues albums that are on my list of this year’s favorites) for your Monday pleasure.

Booker T. Jones – The Road From Memphis

Blues.  Not your grandparents blues for sure, but bluesy in a modern sort of way.  This album brings on some awesome guest artists, including another favorite of mine, Sharon Jones of Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings.

website | buy on amazon | itunes

Blue Scholars – Cinemetropolis

This album is Hip-hop brilliance.  Every track is so smart and musically on point.  Take “Oskar Barnack ∞ Oscar Grant” which juxtaposes two people who share a name: the father of 35 mm photography and the Oakland man who was shot by the police in the back of the head and captured by camera phones, and opens with the clicks and whrrs of an old manual 35mm.  See?  Brilliant.  My emotional favorite by far though, is “Yuri Kochiyama.”

website | buy on bandcamp

We Invented Paris – We Invented Paris

Catchy Euro-Indie Pop.  They’ve only been around for a year or so, but their debut album sounds as cohesive as if they’d been together a lot longer.  Do all indie-rockers look like they are from Portland, OR no matter where they are actually from?

website | buy on bandcamp

Generationals – Actor-Caster

Catchy Indie Rock.  This duo from New Orleans retains a lot of the 50’s inspired melodies of their lo-fi-esque debut, but their current album is more cohesive and better produced resulting in a cleaner sound and an irresistible urge to break out into the twist.

website | buy on amazon

Depapepe – ONE 

Acoustic guitar duo from Japan.  They rock out as much as 2 Japanese guys can without electricity and words.

website | buy on amazon

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