Vegas, Baby, Vegas!


Curl Nation was recently in Las Vegas. We took some time to curlax a little with a day trip to the nearby Lake Mead. If one doesn’t consider the environmental implications, Hoover Dam is actually a very cool piece of art deco architecture.  Sparklepants’ critique is that he thinks it looks all Leni-Riefenstahl-Nazi-propaganda.  And seeing as they were made around the same time, he wouldn’t be wrong:

We at Curl Nation definitely do not cotton to Nazi propaganda, so it sort of took the shine off my enjoyment of Hoover Dam, so to speak.  However, speaking of beautiful, practically naked bodies, Vegas is of course home to several Cirque du Soleil shows and you may remember that when I saw my first Cirque show last year, I said that I’d never be likely to go to Vegas on purpose.  Right.  Well, things change.  We saw the Beatles LOVE show and it was great.

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4 Responses to Vegas, Baby, Vegas!

  1. soyajung says:

    nice!! i was just thinking that we’ve been slacking on the posts. but… should we clarify (for those who don’t know) that Curl Nation does NOT consider Leni-Riefenstahl-Nazi-propaganda to be “very cool… art deco architecture”? fascism = very bad anti-curling worldview.

  2. yc says:

    Yes. You are so right. I must edit.

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