Birthday Curl

There comes a point in time when birthdays become… well, kind of a pain in the ass. You reach an age where you don’t really want all the attention. I know. Coming from  a Leo (and such a leonine one at that!) it’s hard to believe these words are coming from my mouth. But it’s true. The older I get, the more anonymous I like to be. And quieter. At least until I hit 50. Cuz half a century is worth celebrating in rockstar style, just to see if you still can.

Anyhoo, for this reason, my most recent birthday was lovely. Aside from one big blowout (demanded by a fellow Leo curler who is much more of an extravert), there were just a couple of small, intimate gatherings with my dearest loved ones.

One big highlight (and the reason for this post) was being able to check something off my bucket list… something I had put on the list a while back, but never seriously considered checking off…

Eating at the Herbfarm!

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When I’m old and feeble, I know I will recall it wistfully. Without details, I’m sure, but wistfully.

On the big day, Curl Captain, Sparklepants and I cleaned ourselves up, jumped into the jalopy, headed for Kirkland, and presented ourselves at our best. We arrived at the Herbfarm, handed over the keys to the Subaru — with its busted muffler and the key stuck in the ignition — and said to the valet, “Not a scratch.”

We were nothing if not anonymous. We knew no one there. We knew no one who looked like anyone there. It was just our tiny little trio, choosing to sit by ourselves at our own table, not at the “communal” one. In typical Curl Nation fashion, we stuck to ourselves, ate and drank to our hearts’ content, and were happy as clams.

We began our dining adventure with a tour. And this is what we saw:

And then we met Borage and Basil!

That’s Basil. Doesn’t he look happy? They are training to become truffle pigs!

And the food… Oh my God the food! Each course perfectly paired with wine. Those squash blossoms pictured above? We ate ’em.

Each and every ingredient was locally sourced. The salmon (below) melted in your mouth, and was gently and lovingly caught. The fisher people dropped a net between two boats, lifted it up, and selected exactly and only the fish they wanted. Then they let everything else go.

Let me tell you, environmental responsibility is delicious.

It was an epic meal. We ate. We drank. We made merry. Maybe we made too merry. But we slept it off at a nearby motel, and it was perfect!

And who to I have to thank for this banner bucket list indulgence?

And Curl Nation Hawaii!


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2 Responses to Birthday Curl

  1. yc says:

    Also the folks in Curl Nation Outpost #2 on the big island! Thanks for sharing your birthday!

  2. soyajung says:

    Oh yes, how could I forget?? Gratitude to Curl Nation Hawaii!

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