You Can Count On Me (sort of)

True to form, I’m dependable in a antisocial curling quirky sort of way.  Which means that I’m pretty predictable in what I can be counted on for or not, which actually means I can actually be counted on to not be counted on for certain things and other things I can be counted on to be counted on.  Confused?  I am.

But it actually makes sense.  Maybe at first glance, it seems you can’t count on me because I don’t:

  • answer the phone.
  • check my voicemail if you’ve left a message after I didn’t answer the phone.
  • arrive on time for social gatherings .  If fashionable-ness is determined by how late one is, I’m very fashionable.  (On the other hand, you can count on me to leave early!)
  • blog everyday

But actually, I’m very consistent.  You can always count on me in that for those things, I can’t be counted on.  However, I like to think you can count on me for the important stuff.  And I know that I have people around me who are the same.  And if life actually was a musical, it would be time for this number:

Exactly what he said.

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