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The Morning After

After our martini taste test wrapped up in the wee morning hours, I woke up at the not much bigger morning hour of 5:57 am. I intended to wake up by 8:45 am to watch a World Cup game between … Continue reading

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Taste Test: The Gin Martini

Because it’s Monday and I needed a bit of a pick me up after a positively dreadful weekend, I decided I’d combine a couple of my favorite things:  taste tests and martinis.  Also, it seemed like a justified way to … Continue reading

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Catching Up

Today, I caught up on This American Life episodes.  I was so engrossed that I have no idea where this secret gate is.

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You Can Count On Me (sort of)

True to form, I’m dependable in a antisocial curling quirky sort of way.  Which means that I’m pretty predictable in what I can be counted on for or not, which actually means I can actually be counted on to not … Continue reading

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Curling Master Class

For advanced Curlers only:

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