Family Dinner

A couple of days ago, I was rolling around on the rug.  This rug, in fact:

This might possibly be the best rug in town.  It’s true.  It’s a great rolling around rug and when you walk on it with bare feet, digging your toes into the tufts, it feels better than freshly mowed grass.

The Curl Nation kitchen might also possibly be the best lounge/supperclub in town.  It’s also true.  We have amazing curler-chefs (think celebrity chef, but better) who will pretty much make anything, and pretty much anything is possible.  So when I am rolling around on said rug, and I say I want ravioli, from scratch, they make it happen.Sparklepants whipped up a batch of the best ricotta you’ve ever tasted and hung it over the sink to drain.  First Mate put together a super delicious lightly spicy sauce with fresh tomatoes to complement the fresh ricotta-petit pea-bacon filling.  Meanwhile, people arrive spontaneously to hang out, have a drink, and watch the magic happen.

And meals here at Curl Nation are magicNo matter how many people show up for dinner on any given night, there’s always enough to share, and always a lot of love to go around.

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