This week, we’re staying at Sunnykins’ Official Satellite of Curl Nation (SOS).

If Curl Nation had a systems and operations hub, SOS would be it.  They test and recommend iPhone apps, they fix our computers, they tell us how to save time so that we can curl more, they scour Craigslist and eBay for good deals.  You get the idea.

SOS also collects cool stuff.

There’s plenty of curling to be done here at SOS.  This morning, the plant and I had a chat.

Me: Hi there little jade plant.  You’re awfully cute.  But maybe you’re lonely?   
Plant:  I like being an only plant!  I’m thirsty!  

I also tried to talk to this guy:

I was thinking I could start my next novel.  Ok, maybe my first novel.But then again, there’s napping.  So much more attainable.

That black lump is my dog.  She hasn’t moved all day.  I basically had to drag her outside for a walk.  She’s a lazy bitch.

The change in scenery is like being on a little curlcation. 

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