From Worst to First

There’s a saying about making lemonade.  I like the sentiment, although I do think the saying is a bit insulting to my dear friend, the lemon.  If you’ve ever been in Mexico desperately seeking out a single lemon, you’d never malign lemons again.  (The whole lemonade thing is kind of analogous to the pursuit of curling, which sounds and feels much better than just saying, “I’m unemployed.”)

Anyway, onto lemonade-making.

Today, once cocktail hour was upon us, I wanted something a little different than my usual rotation of libations.  So, I started out with a Pink GinIt’s basically a martini made with bitters instead of vermouth.  It’s something I’d never had before – I love martinis, I love gin, and I like bitters (in Manhattans, anyway) – so I said, why not?  But now I know why I’d never really seen anyone drink one before and why beautiful people on trendy TV shows aren’t drinking them despite the pretty pink hue.  (And also probably because the name is ridiculous.  I mean, seriously, pink gin?  No one could come up with something even a little more creative than that?)

So now that I have a cocktail glass full of a drink that is essentially a big lemon, what do I do with it?  Make a Pegu!  And now we have a winner!

Pegu Cocktail

1.5 oz gin (I used Sapphire)
1/2 oz cointreau
1/2 oz lime juice
2 dashes angostura bitters
Shake shake shake over ice.  Strain into a glass.  YUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
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