The Hunger Games

When I first heard about The Hunger Games I was like, is it about food, because if it is, I’m all over that.  Well, it’s not.  Not really.

Actually, it’s young adult fiction.  Seriously.  And I read all 3 books in the course of 24 hours.  (You can do that when you’re a curler.)

I was never into young adult fiction, even when I was a young adult.  In fact, I’ve never been much into fiction, except for my magic realism phase in college.  Anyway, this is to say, I never really understood the fascination with the whole Twilight thing and I even lost interest in Harry Potter after the 2nd book.  (Yeah, I’m probably the only person in the world who lost interest in Harry Potter because she was bored.)

The Hunger Games is is sort of a Battle Royale-esque scenario in a post-apocolyptic U.S.  The natural disasters and wars that result in this dystopian world are not so hard to conceive.

Sure, there are problems with the plot, the characters, and the writing (and in the electronic version, which I was reading, hella typos), but this didn’t discourage me from being totally engrossed in the story.

Be a curler and read it.  Don’t wait for the movie version.  It’s not just for young adults.  Word.

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  1. soyajung says:

    You wrote another review! You’re a reviewer!

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