The Problem with Clogging

Or maybe it’s Blurling.  Or whatever you might call curling + blogging.

Anyhoo, there’s an inherent paradox to blogging about curling.  Because doing something regularly on a schedule is a little antithetical to the whole philosophy of curling.

So you might wonder where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing if I’m not clogging faithfully everyday.

I’ve been busy.  Curly-busy.  Playing tennis, eating donuts, dashing outside whenever there is a break in the rain, getting caught in the rain, drying off from the rain, wishing it would stop raining already, catching up on bad Korean dramas, although I hate to admit it . . . working (hey, curlers work too!), reading the news, getting upset about the news, reading and admiring other people’s blogs, camping, thinking about camping, eating yummy food, and laughing at my dog.

See?  Curly-busy.

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