Standard Curling Time (SCT)

Nothing punctuates the completely artificial construction of time like Daylight Savings Time.  All of a sudden, pow! you get an extra hour of daylight (unless you live in a place where the government says you don’t).  Of course it’s not exactly true that you get an extra hour of daylight, but we all drink that Kool-Aid and believe it to be so anyway.  I happen to prefer Daylight Savings Time, and wish it was Daylight Savings Time year-round.

It makes me feel sorry for those folks in some parts of Indiana who never get to have Daylight Savings Time.  I would feel sorry for Arizona too, except not getting to have Daylight Savings Time is the least of their problems.

One great thing is that the duration of Daylight Savings Time has been steadily increasing over the last few years.  It used to start in April, but now, it’s started in the middle of March!

One sucky thing about the whole time switch over thing is the time switch over thing.  Every time, I have to reset my watch, which is not an intuitive interface.  Usually, I can’t figure it out and end up being an hour off for months.

I guess that would be called Standard Curling Time.

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