Snowcurling: Wenatchee Ridge

Friends who have heard me complain about being cold when it’s 85 degrees outside do not believe that I would ever willingly do such a thing as snowcamping, but it’s actually really fun and also a beautiful time to be out in the woods.

The first time Sparklepants and I went snowcamping by ourselves, we happened to camp on an unprotected windy bluff on literally the coldest night of the year with inadequate gear.  Let’s just say that was a learning experience.  And since then, we’ve learned.  But despite our enthusiasm, and promise of comfort and warmth, we’ve never been able to get anyone else interested in going with us.

But this year, we had some takers.

The good thing about being a curler, is that we could watch the weather and go when the conditions were right.  So after monitoring the weather for 3 weeks, we found the perfect window.  We started the day with banh mi and a warm beverage.  It’s convenient to have a car with a built in sandwich holder.

Sparklepants tried out a balaclava for this trip, and every time he pulled it on, I couldn’t help think or sing “I feel so gothic in a balaclava,” which means I couldn’t get this damn song out of my head.

When we found a nice little site on about 5-6 feet of packed snow, we built an amazing fire pit and bench area into the snow.  We roasted sweet potatoes in the fire and they were the best sweet potatoes I’ve ever eaten.  Seriously.  Best ever.

One good thing about snowcamping, you don’t have to worry about your food spoiling, because everything freezes.  What’s that in the jar and how do we eat it?

Because there was no moon and it was incredibly clear, the night sky was filled with a gazillion bright stars.  I only wish I could pick out more constellations than just Orion and the Big Dipper.

As we left the next day, snow flurries started to drift down on us.  It was perfect timing.  Makes you want to join us next time, huh?

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