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Yesterday I canceled an afternoon meeting to go wogging. Wogging = walking + jogging This is what I saw. It’s springtime in Curl Nation.

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Silver white winters that melt into springs . . .

And those are a few of my favorite things!

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Standard Curling Time (SCT)

Nothing punctuates the completely artificial construction of time like Daylight Savings Time.  All of a sudden, pow! you get an extra hour of daylight (unless you live in a place where the government says you don’t).  Of course it’s not … Continue reading

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What’s for dinner?

While a lot of America is obsessed with getting dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less, CurlNation is a Rachel Ray-free zone.  It’s not that I don’t dig a quick meal.  I mean, I LOVE ramen and that … Continue reading

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Perennially Late

I love perennials.  And I especially love the ones that don’t really require maintenance:  you stick them in the ground and they just surprise and delight you every year. The crocuses emerge first and announce the arrival of spring.  Usually, … Continue reading

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And 3 hours later . . .

Can you beat a computer at rock-paper-scissors?  The NYT challenges you to pit yourself against their rochambeau robot.  Now they just need to make an app for that.

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I’ve been looking at cars in parking lots lately because we need a new (old) car.  I want something small and fuel-efficient.  I used to have a Honda Civic hatchback and it’s by far my favorite out of all the … Continue reading

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What curlers do for fun.

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Snowcurling: Wenatchee Ridge

Friends who have heard me complain about being cold when it’s 85 degrees outside do not believe that I would ever willingly do such a thing as snowcamping, but it’s actually really fun and also a beautiful time to be … Continue reading

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