You had to be there.

As a curler, I’m often away from my phone.  And lots of times, I even leave the house without it.  It’s part of the freedom of being a curler, although this can be kind of frustrating for people trying to call me.  And sometimes I even find it a drag when I’m at the store and am wondering if we are out of paprika at home, or if I’m lost (which is frequently), or when I want to take a picture.  Like today.

Because this is what I saw:

An enormous rainbow, where both ends are visible and the bands of colors were really wide and so intense that that you could distinctly make out each individual color really clearly including the blue and violet.  This was juxtaposed against a darkened sky through a fine mist, so the contrast was even greater.  Also, a bald eagle that flew so close, I thought maybe it was eyeing my dog for it’s dinner.  Crazy weird clouds.  The wind rapidly carrying the exhaust from smokestacks on the port.  A heron fishing.  A pink barge.  Yes, for reals.  A Mary Kay pink barge.

Sorry, there aren’t any pics.  You just had to be there.

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