The Land of Mismatched Socks and Other Unexplained Disappearances

I know lots and lots of people have expounded on this topic, but I really don’t understand why socks disappear.  And why, if they are going to disappear in the first place, why they wouldn’t want to go with their mate.  They always disappear individually, on their own.  Like going off to die or something, only lots of mine have left with plenty of life still in them.  And here’s the real puzzler, why is that it’s usually my most favorite socks or new socks that I only wore once that get separated so painfully?

Maybe there is a land, far far away, with lots of mismatched socks.  And they like it there.  There are no humans subjecting them to smelly feet.  They get to sit around on the beach on mannequin feet and the breeze smells like clean laundry.

You know what else is there?  All those hair ties that I have to keep buying over and over, not because they wear out, but because they also just disappear.

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