Hoppy New Year

Last week, we celebrated the end of the tortuous Year of the Tiger and ushered in the Year of the Rabbit.  Hopefully this will be a much luckier and hoppier year for all of us.

We got some tulips for the occasion, and we picked out some that were reminiscent of the inside of a rabbit’s ear.  They were delicately pink and white.

We also have a case of Korean pears.  Every time I eat one, I’m reminded of my stint working on an organic pear farm in Korea.  The farm grows pears the size of large grapefruits and each pear is individually protected, nurtured, and cosseted to ensure maximum size and flavor.  Obviously something that precious can’t be entrusted to just anyone, so we didn’t actually get to do anything glamorous like picking fruit or anything.  After 3 days of hacking away at waist-high weeds by hand with an old steel scythe in 100 degree heat and what felt like 10,000% humidity, the owners brought out the gas powered weed wackers to finish the job.  They also informed us at the same time that they only let the weeds grow like that so that we would have something to do while we visited.  So thoughtful.

But having worked on the farm, I have an even greater appreciation for what I think are probably the best pears in the world.  Juicy, crunchy, sweet, and not at all acidic.  They really are perfection.

While we were dealing with the weeds, we entertained ourselves by singing, and that’s when my friend taught me Santoki, which is maybe the most famous children’s song in Korea.  And it just happens to be about bunnies!

Hoppy New Year!

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1 Response to Hoppy New Year

  1. Sunyik says:

    Thanks for a great year of the rabbit celebration! Cheers to a much healthier and luckier new year!! And I totally remember Santoki!!! Cute video you there.

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