Holy Cow, Batman!

There’s a scene in the movie Departures (which won an Oscar in 2009 for Best Foreign Language Film) where the protagonist is at a crossroads and he is invited to share some food with the Mr. Miyagi character who is preparing puffer fish roe.

“Unless you want to die, you eat.  And if you eat, eat well.”
“Good, huh?”

“Yes it is.  So good, I hate myself.”

Check it out (fast forward to around 3:51):

The night we watched this movie, we weren’t eating puffer fish roe, but we were certainly eating well (that is one of my curling resolutions for 2011, after all).

We made fresh mozzarella.  Made it from scratch.  From the milk of a cow.  My friend got us some amazing fresh basil that was growing like a weed from her landlord’s courtyard.  (Fresh basil!  In January!)

Maybe it was beginner’s luck, but the cheese was delicious.  We were giddy with our accomplishment.  We made Neapolitan pizzas with it.

With the whey left over from making the mozzarella, we made some ricotta.  Possibly the best ricotta I’ve ever had.  Smooth and flavorful.  Sparklepants whipped up some banana cupcakes and topped it with ricotta frosting.

I hate myself.

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