Losing My Religion

The Scottish have given the world a couple of very enduring items, one being Presbyterianism, and the other Scotch whiskey.  Although I have no particular use for the former, I find the latter quite endearing.

Sidebar:  John Knox, the founder of Presbyterianism was some sort of uncle to James K. Polk who hailed from Tennessee, which is home to its own brand of delicious whiskey.  If you can’t remember much about James K. Polk, here is a reminder:

There is no ginger ale here in Curl Nation Tropical Outpost #1, so we made it ourselves from scratch: fresh ginger, sugar, yeast, water, an empty 2 liter plastic bottle, and 24 hours or so.

See all the carbonation?  It’s magic.  (Actually, it’s chemistry, but chemistry didn’t make J.K. Rowling a gazillionaire.)  We added a some of this magic to the national beverage of Scotland.

Add soda.

And that’s Scotland in a glass:


The Presbyterian

2-3 oz Scotch
ginger ale

soda water

Fill a highball glass with ice.  Add Scotch.  Top with equal amounts of ginger ale and soda water.  Drink.  Repeat.

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