Running With Salmon

Two unexpected and pretty awesome events happened today.  First, I woke up to sunshine and snow.  Either one are pretty unusual for this time of year, but both at the same time?  Whoa.  If I calculate the probability of the likelihood of it happening again, well, let’s just say I’d have to wait until my next life to see it.

This region doesn’t happen to deal very well with even a little sprinkling of snow, so the whole city tends to shut down, and everyone gets a curling day.  Welcome to my life!  Luckily, even if I don’t have to go out in such weather for work or whatever, I am prepared for such events:

  • I learned how to drive on the east coast, where nothing shuts down, even in the midst of a huge snow storm
  • I have a Subaru that has 4 wheel drive and chains if necessary
  • I own several pairs of winter boots
  • I am an expert at making snowballs and throwing them

All of this preparation leads to the second unexpected awesomeness of the day.  Because when faced with such a day, we went for hike along this little creek that we all really like.  And when we got there, we realized . . . . . . . .

the salmon were running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The thing that I feel most sorry about, is that after having a chill life swimming around the ocean doing whatever they want for a few years, they have to make this exhausting journey traveling hundreds of miles, up little creeks against the current, only to have sex once and then die.

I hope it was worth it.

There were hundreds and hundreds of dead salmon everywhere.

Which is great for me, because, well, I really like to take pictures of dead things. And dead fish are one of my favorite dead subjects.

And I was ecstatic that I also got to see salmon running at the same time.  Documenting the circle of life and all that.

It’s cool how the camouflage coloring of the salmon matches the creek bed.  Evolution rocks.

Except for the death sex part.

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1 Response to Running With Salmon

  1. soyajung says:

    sex = death. mantra of the 80s.

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