Let’s go get lost.

A curler’s schedule is unpredictable and curlers I sort of resist schedules in general.  (That whole problem with authority thing, even if I set the schedule myself.  I am not a broom!)  So when I set out a schedule of daily posting for Curl Nation Theme Song Week, I should have known that I would miss at least a day or two.

Because stuff comes up and what kind of curler would I be if I didn’t take advantage of the freedom to be spontaneous?  (A bad curler, is what I’d be.)

It’s the kind of freedom that allows you to take off at a moment’s notice, without a particular plan.  The freedom to get lost, not necessarily in a suspension from reality kind of way or a Chet Baker kind of way, but in a traveling kind of way.

Today, I present you a duo of travel songs from the Curl Nation archives.

The B-52’s classic (cliche?):

and one of my favorites from the Red Hot Chili Peppers:

Yeah.  Do like a curler, and go get lost.  Just let me know where to find you.

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