I’m throwing off my chains of servitude.

For a lot of curlers, we are curlers simply because, as Beck so wisely puts it, “I ain’t gonna work for no soul suckin’ jerk.”

Soul Suckin Jerk – Beck

But it’s not exactly a sing-a-long or something you’d whistle while you are sweeping the front porch.  So maybe, it doesn’t have what it takes to be a Curl Nation Theme Song, despite the right sentiment.

Speaking of sweeping . . . every movement starts with a struggle and here at Curl Nation, we’re an equal opportunity movement – from CEO’s to Brooms.  So in honor of all the brooms in our movement, I offer this catchy little ditty by They Might Be Giants for day 3 of Curl Nation Theme Song Week (and it’s easy to whistle):

Comrades!  If Broom can do it, so can you!

Fight, Fight!
For Broom Rights!
Fight, Fight!
To be free from chains!
Fight, Fight!
For Curler’s Rights!
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