You get to know things better when they go by slow.

Is there such thing as comfort music?

The song I posted yesterday is not it.  Sure it’s a fun tune, but I have no emotional attachment to it.  But today’s pick for Curl Nation Theme Song Week comes from an entire album of emotional attachment.

You know those albums, that for some reason or other, are just plain special.  And this album is one of those.  It might not be on Rolling Stone’s Greatest 500 Albums of All Time, but it’s definitely in my list of top 100 albums.  For the 20 years I’ve had this album, it’s become attached to a lot of great memories, and I’ve never gotten sick of it.

The “Watermelon Song” is one of my favorites.  The chorus is a little cheesy, but sweet:

I want to be your watermelon, let me sing into your radio,
Let me be the yeast inside your bread,
Let me be the new thought inside your head

And somehow, it also evokes Neruda . . . I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees . . . .

Another one of my favorites from this album is “Spending the Day in the Shirt You Wore.”

Oh the days of wine and roses and the rubbing of noses
Bare feet, new sprouts, and garden hoses.
Skipping stones, while skipping home…
“Look at that tree, it’s got a brand new leaf!”
Candle light, candle light — for no reason
Eating fresh fruit when it’s in season.
Take an aimless drive behind a motor wheel
Sticking fingers on paintings to see the way they feel!
Spending the day in the shirt that you wore
I can sense your presence from the day before…

Although that’s kind of a curling song too, another song on that album is today’s choice:

The Ancient Egyptians – Poi Dog Pondering

And it’s true, you do know things better when they go by slow.  And that’s a big part of curling.  So take a break from the rat race, slow down, and enjoy life a bit (and maybe spend a day in someone else’s shirt).

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