The Nutcracker

A week ago, I posted a picture of a milk jar and asked you to guess what was inside.  I didn’t realize how difficult this question might be.

Someone asked for a hint.  So I replied that it’s a kind of nut.  They asked me to just tell them what the answer is.  I suggested they try looking it up on this thing called the internets.

They came back and said they couldn’t find it, and they even tried searching for “special nuts” and got this:

"special nuts"

So, Curl Nation conducted our own google images search.  The first search we tried was “nuts in shell.”  We got 1,590,000 results in 0.19 seconds.  Luckily, we didn’t have to go further than the first page:

"nuts in shell"

I’m not judging previous attempts.  Really.

On the same page, there was a picture of the nut inside the shell:

"nuts in shell"

But maybe it’s still not obvious, so I give you:


In the end, only one person guessed.  (And it’s possible Sparklepants might have provided some assistance.  I’m not admitting to to this, I’m just saying it’s possible.)  But I’m excited to be able to make a donation to the Seattle Young People’s Project.  This is an incredible organization that does incredible work with youth.  Definitely check them out.  They are having their annual bowl-a-thon next week and this is a great opportunity to contribute.  Donating is fun, easy, and tax-deductible.  I’m going to support Team Mischief Makers, a group of very very special nuts.  Go Team!

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2 Responses to The Nutcracker

  1. Sunny! says:

    What do you get when you combine 4 Korean nuts with a Vietnamese nut and a white nut? WINNERS!

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