The (un)Office

The very best best thing about curling?  I don’t have to report to an Office everyday.

I used to have an Office, or more specifically a cubicle.  Think government gray (literally), in the center of a huge sea of other cubicles.  The windows were so far away that I would have needed a telescope to tell you if it was sunny or overcast outside.  The most exciting part of my cube was the Aeron chair, and even though I loved that chair, it wasn’t quite enough to make me want to keep going there every day for the rest of my life.

These days, sometimes my office is a little more casual.

And I can take my dog to work.

She also has lots of important work to do, like rock collecting.

She’s a fast worker.  In fact, most of the time, she’s just a blur.

Sometimes after a difficult challenge, she’ll need to take a break and shake it off.

And then she’s quickly back to business.

I love my office.

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One Response to The (un)Office

  1. soyajung says:

    is mookie looking to pick up a few extra hours? i’ve been looking for a good rock collector.

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