The Fruits of Winter

In my next curling life, I’m going to choose to live in a place where I’m never cold.  Where I don’t have to wear a hoodie or sweater and scarf for 51 weeks out of the year.  And now that winter is here, I’m cold more often than not, even when I’m wearing a wool sweater, hat, scarf and Uggs.  And that’s while I’m inside.

One thing that makes winter (just) bearable is winter citrus.  When I was a kid, we had band fruit.  That is, my school band would sell fruit every year as a fundraiser, and it would get shipped up from Florida.  It happened to be really excellent quality citrus, and one year I ate so many oranges that I actually developed hives all over my body and couldn’t eat oranges or orange juice for the rest of my adolescence.   Luckily, I grew out of it and am back on oranges.

One particular citrus treat that I love is pink grapefruit from Texas.  So sweet, juicy, and versatile: straight out of the rind, in a salad, with your breakfast, etc.  I particularly recommend it freshly squeezed with a bit of potato vodka.

It’ll make you glad for winter.

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One Response to The Fruits of Winter

  1. Scotn says:

    Um, it’s called the tropics. You need to join the tropical curl and come live in outpost 1 of curl nation.

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