Excuses Excuses

I am one of those people who always needs to know what time it is.  I have been wearing a watch 24/7 for as long as I can remember.  Literally.  I even wear it while I’m sleeping and sometimes lots of times it will inadvertently scratch SP and he’ll wake up saying something like “f**king watch!” and although I’m sorry, I’m not sorry enough to actually take it off.  For a while, I wasn’t even taking it off to shower and then I realized that dead skin cells were building up under the band, and dead skin cells kind of smell.

You might wonder what kind of curler is so obsessed with time?  Just call me an anomaly wrapped up in a paradox.

And then this happened:

I do have another watch.  It’s a pseudo-nice polished stainless steel watch, but it’s really not the same – it’s not as comforting to wear (and that watch is apparently even more vicious if the quantity and severity of swearing from SP is an indicator).

So essentially, I’ve been watch-less and it hasn’t been pretty.  My sleep got messed up, routines got un-routined, and I stopped exercising.  That was my main excuse for why I haven’t been running.  That and the rain.

Except today’s weather isn’t exactly excuse-worthy:

So I brushed off these:

And I went and did this:

And now everything is right with the world.

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