Be More Cheery

When I woke up this morning, there was a bunch of stuff waiting for me in my inbox which just put me in a fowl foul mood.  I can’t really use the excuse that it’s Monday, because every day is equal in the life of a curler.  However, even curlers work sometimes – and I happen to have a bunch of projects that I’m working on right now – but it’s seriously difficult to get motivated if I’m pissed off.

So instead of responding to email, I procrastinate.  I troll through my iTunes library and listen to random songs, but nothing is really doing it for me, until this song from Mika pops up and, against my will, I start smiling.  And tapping my foot.  The first time I heard this song was a few years ago during an episode of Coffee Prince (the first Korean drama I ever watched, which might also still be my most favorite, except for the last episode).

With the bad mood taken care of, I’m ready to tackle those emails.  Sometimes a bit of cheery fluff is just what you need.

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One Response to Be More Cheery

  1. soyajung says:

    i just sent you an email. sorry.

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