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Be More Cheery

When I woke up this morning, there was a bunch of stuff waiting for me in my inbox which just put me in a fowl foul mood.  I can’t really use the excuse that it’s Monday, because every day is … Continue reading

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It’s 4 pm, do you know where your bourbon is?

Once upon a time, Sparklepants lived in Atlanta in a hostel cum bed-and-breakfast cum apartment building where everyone’s lives intertwined in a sort of Singles-like existence.  Which is to say, it was all a bit incestuous, but in a good … Continue reading

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Salt Of The Earth

One of the best things about the curling lifestyle is not being tied to the alarm clock.  And if one might be getting up at 5 am, it’s because you want to, not because you have to go work for … Continue reading

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Having Time For Change

Though you might think so, it’s not all cupcakes and bunnies here at Curl Nation.  We have our serious moments too when we ponder the origins of the universe, world peace, and the like (not that cupcakes aren’t serious business, … Continue reading

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