Eat like a bird

Birds are the ultimate anti-curlers.  They generally spend nearly all of their time working, working, working, just to get a decent meal.  Many birds need to eat half their body weight in food every day.  (Good thing humans aren’t birds.  Can you imagine what backpacking would be like?)  And for some birds like hummingbirds, that eat well over their body weight every day, it’s constant polyphagia.  All of this preoccupation with satisfying one’s nutritional needs leaves little time for curling.  No stopping to smell the flowers (unless it’s on the way to eating the flowers).  Enter the New Caledonian crow.  They’ve figured out how to extract delicious meaty grubs from trees using twigs.  They eat a couple of these a day, and they are set, leaving the rest of the day for other things.  Brilliant!

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