Run away and join the . . .

I have been hankering to see a Cirque du Soleil show ever since I saw a documentary about one of their shows way back in college.  Upon seeing that initial documentary, I was so in awe, I couldn’t think of enough superlatives to describe what they do.  Sometimes I would see clips and videos on TV, but I was convinced that they couldn’t compare to a live performance experience.  The problem was that I didn’t live in Las Vegas, and being perplexed with the artificial nature of the city, I had no real desire to go there.  (I mean it’s a city where it’s impossible to differentiate between 3 am or 3 pm!)  So I have been stuck in a kind of stalemate.  I wasn’t going to them and they weren’t coming to me.  Until now.

One of the traveling shows actually traveled to my corner of the world and we’re going with several of our curler friends and curler wannabes to see Alegría. No need to run away.

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