Goodbye Yellowbrick Sun

Curling really comes in handy when one of the last warm, sunny days of summer happens to fall on a weekday. This past Friday, S and I gallivanted through town while regular working stiffs were suffering away under fluorescent lighting.

Thankfully, Seattle is tailor-made for outdoorsy curling. On our way back from running errands and whatnot, we swung through to a small dock and suddenly found ourselves canoeing through the backwaters of Louisiana, minus the humidity.

Seattle Arboretum

I haven’t been canoeing in ages; it may very well have been my second trip in a lifetime. And it was the perfect way to enjoy the weather. The dog had a new lifejacket (his first), we chilled some water in the river, we snacked on granola bars and those nutella brownies YC posted a few days ago, and I spotted a naked man sunbathing along the banks. Seattle sun, don’t leave us!

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