The first post is like pulling out an errant ear hair.

At least if I’d ever had an errant ear hair, that’s how I would imagine it to be.  Something I really wouldn’t want to do because it seems like it would be painful, but it has to be done because otherwise you can’t go out in public, and then once it’s over, you’re like, ok, now I’m ready to rock and roll.

But what does one really say in the first post?  “Welcome to our new blog!” seems cheeeesy.  (Not that I have anything against cheese.  I love cheese.)

The first post could define curling, but that’s on the About page.  As a generic greeting to our fellow curlers and wannabe curlers: this blog is for us.  Hopefully, all the original curlers will contribute to the blog, as will the ones we’ve recruited to our cause over the years.  Curling . . . not just a lifestyle, it’s a movement.

Curl on!

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